Increase AMP login timouts or disable them for web and SFTP

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Leeham posted this 2 weeks ago

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu Server 20 running on an ESXi VM managed by vSphere

Product Name/Version: AMP Network Edition

My workflow involves about 10 separate tabs of different AMP instances in my web browser along with 1 SFTP session on my PC. Setting it up is a pain because I have to enter my login details and 2FA for each tab. But that's not the real problem.

The timeout on AMP's web panel and SFTP sessions are WAY too short, I have to re-enter my credentials over and over again throughout the day, which is extremely painful and a waste of my time. I really need a way of extending or disabling the timeout. Alternatively, I would like to be able to have a setting in AMP that disables authentication from certain IP addresses so I can simply set my main PC as always trusted, or perhaps some other method like Windows login sessions?

1 other important suggestion I have is to make AMP only force authentication once per client. For example, when I open up 10 tabs of AMP, I have to enter my credentials 10 times (even after refreshing), instead, why not make AMP trust the browser after one successful login?

I need this urgently as it's really slowing down my work performance, to the point where I preferred RDP on a windows box over this.


Leeham posted this 2 weeks ago

Closed issue, seems to be intermittent and a client-side issue. Would still appreciate a way of not having to re-authenticate after my PC wakes up from sleeping, but not sure if that's ever going to be possible.