Instance Manager broken on 18.04?

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sumidor063 posted this 30 April 2018

Hi there,

I upgraded my Ubuntu server from 16.04 to 18.04 a few days ago, and ever since, I've had issues with the Instance Manager. It started with my Minecraft (Sky Factory 3/FTB) server locking up* about five minutes or less into my starting the server from within the web interface. I have since wiped the entirety of the AMP Instance Manager, redownloaded it, and remade my Minecraft instance, and upon attempting to have the manager download the SF3 files, it locks up* upon "extracting archive".

*But when I say locks up... I mean, the entirety of my Ubuntu VM is dead. Hard lock. SSH, Plex, Samba file server, even the server console with ESXI is dead. I have to hard reset the entire VM (one VM serves all of these duties, given my hardware limitations currently).

I thought it was a Minecraft issue at first, but now that I can't even reinstall my Minecraft server through AMP, leads me to believe it's a problem with AMP and 18.04 somehow. After the issue started happening shortly after the 18.04 upgrade, I left the AMP manager offline and the server did its other jobs just fine, all day and night.

I apt-get update/upgrade frequently, and made sure that the required files in the AMP install process were there/updated before I did this.

Any ideas?

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Mike posted this 01 May 2018

If the entire VM dies and all applications become unresponsive that's not a specific application issue (AMP or anything else), that's something more fundamental that's wrong with the system. I'd recommend rebuilding the machine as 18.04 rather than upgrading.

sumidor063 posted this 01 May 2018

Hi Mike,

Thanks for the prompt reply. I'm still learning when it comes to Linux so, I hadn't considered that possibility. That makes a lot of sense. I'm gonna work on that tonight and hopefully, I'll be golden.

Thank you!