Instance needs reactivation after server transfer

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OnklSwörny posted this 2 weeks ago


After transfer my Server from one Host to a new Host (Hyper-2vmWare).

I can't start the old Instances and get the following entry in the LOGS:

[22:19:15] [System:Onkl Info]     : ADS logged stopped instance OSMinecraftBETA - exit code 32 (NO_LICENCE) [22:19:15] [ADS:Onkl Warning]     : Instance OSMinecraftBETA requires reactivation.

How can i reactivate the instances?

New Instances works fine.

Kind regards Onkl

OnklSwörny posted this 2 weeks ago

I think i found it by myself %)

[22:19:06] [ModuleLoader Info]    : SFTP Server started on [22:19:06] [Core Error]           : No valid AMP licence was found. Please run ampinstmgr reactivate OSMinecraftBETA to reactivate this instance.

Works :)