Is there a way to upgrade the java version for minecraft in AMP?

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Marcolino posted this 24 December 2020

Is there a way to upgrade the java version for minecraft in AMP?

[io.papermc.paper.util.PaperJvmChecker]: * WARNING - YOU ARE RUNNING AN OUTDATED VERSION OF JAVA.[io.papermc.paper.util.PaperJvmChecker]: * PAPER WILL STOP BEING COMPATIBLE WITH THIS VERSION OF[io.papermc.paper.util.PaperJvmChecker]: * JAVA WHEN MINECRAFT 1.17 IS RELEASED.


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Mike posted this 25 December 2020

Install the desired version and make it the system default.

brittonv posted this 3 weeks ago

This really isn't a helpful comment. Do you have any instructions on how to do this on an AMP managed server.

If I was fluent in Linux administration I would never have purchased the AMP management application. I am surprised Java version maintenance is not part of the application.

Mike posted this 3 weeks ago

Things have changed now (this thread is quite old now), these days AMP installs the correct version(s) of Java for you automatically and you can pick which version you want from the Java version selector. As of some versions ago AMP can accommodate multiple java versions on the same system.

Just type "Java" into the top right search box of AMP in a Minecraft instance.

If you don't have the correct versions already, simply run the following as root:

bash <(wget -qO- installJava