Issues Accessing AMP Portal Externally

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Francisco posted this 27 March 2020

OS Name/Version: Windows 10 Home 1909 Build 18363.720

Product Name/Version: AMP Release "Lapetus" v1.9.8.2, built 24/03/2020 17:41

Problem Description: I cannot access my AMP externally. I opened the port I use to access amp locally and I see that it IS open because I tested with this site: I did some digging and saw I may need to change my auth server and AMP IP Binding to my external IP. I found out how to do that for new instances but how do I do that for my current ADS01 instance? Steps to reproduce:

Try to reach my AMP instance externally.

Actions taken to resolve so far: Changed the default auth server and default AMP IP binding to my external IP for NEW instances.

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Mike posted this 27 March 2020

If you're behind a home router, then the issue is either going to be down to incorrect firewall rules or port forwarding. AMP doesn't need any of its configuration changing.

See the following support article:

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Francisco posted this 27 March 2020

I did change the AMP port to 8090 when initially configuring it, would this break anything?

Francisco posted this 28 March 2020

This is resolved, for some reason I couldn't reach AMP through my external IP from my computer at home but I can on my cell phone. I'd chuck this up as user error, thanks Mike.

Mike posted this 28 March 2020

That's not uncommon, not all routers support NAT reflection which would cause that.