Linux StarBound instance won't start SB server

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merphle posted this 2 weeks ago

I believe the AMP instance is using the wrong working directory when starting StarBound on Linux.

[22:25:59] [StarBoundModule:Core Debug] : Checking for installation at ./starbound/211820/linux/starbound_server...
[22:25:59] [ModuleShared:Core Debug] : Starting process ./starbound/211820/linux/starbound_server
[22:25:59] [ModuleShared:Core Debug] : Working Directory: ./starbound/211820
[22:25:59] [ModuleShared:Core Debug] : Arguments: 
[22:25:59] [ModuleShared:Core Debug] : Started process with ID 28848
[Error] Fatal Exception caught: (StarException) Could not perform initial Root load

If I manually cd to ./starbound/211820/linux and run ./starbound_server, it starts fine. The error it complains about is that sbinit.config can not be found, and that file is in the linux directory, at the same level as starbound_server.

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merphle posted this 6 days ago

Thanks, Mike. Are there plans to fix it in AMP, so that future StarBound server updates don't break this workaround?

Mike posted this 6 days ago

Of course

merphle posted this 6 days ago

Wonderful news. Thank you!