make AMP automatically start on boot

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Iceymidgit posted this 20 October 2018

Optional - make AMP automatically start on boot (crontab -l ; echo "@reboot ampinstmgr -x")| crontab -

Above dont seem to work

Running Ubuntu 18.04 LST i've followed the Manual install

ToBoNaToR posted this 25 October 2018

I encountered the same. I solved it by adding this to /etc/crontab

@reboot [user] ampinstmgr -s [Instancename]

When you followed the tutorial it should be fine when you use

@reboot AMP ampinstmgr -s ADSInstance

This will only start the ADS Instance on boot, so you should add each gameserver with a seperate job. Maybe there is a better solution, but this gets the job done for me. The -x flag did not work for me either.

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