MCMA and forgemod support

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roxservers posted this 2 weeks ago


Would it be possible to get a minor update to enable mcmyadmin 2 live status compatibility with forge 1.16 ? Even with a minecraft server up and running mcma will display it as "getting ready to start" which i causing users to think their server is not working (beside the inconvenience of not seeing the CPU/RAM usage). Also I could see sometimes server considered as up and running by mcmyadmin while it was still starting.


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Mike posted this 6 days ago

I'll take a look but as time goes on its increasingly difficult to get McMyAdmin 2 to build any more, I'd really advise looking at an upgrade path to AMP soon.

roxservers posted this 4 hours ago

I understand, however our whole mc hosting was built on mcma and we are using another panel for other games so we would like to avoid the migration of hundreds of game server to a new infrastructure while minor updates could fix the compatibility issues encountered over the years. Not to mention our users are pretty used and familiar with mcmyadmin and we have no need to change something that is working just fine with the exception of that small live status thing. Thanks !