McMyAdmin 3 without AMP?

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hchristo posted this 5 weeks ago

Good Morning , i´ve Tested on the Weekend the AMP (and i Buy it) and i Return to McMyAdmin v2 (the last one) My Question is: Can i Run McMyAdmin 3 wothout AMP? I Dont like AMP because i install a AMP Instance to run a Minecraft Instance to Run a Minecraft Server. This is a waste of resources.

I Love McMyAdmin, i use it a few Years but for the v2 the Last Update was on 2018

What I miss in AMP is the integration of rights like in McMyAdmin 2: PermissionEX direct editing.

Direct web interface without logging into AMP and then being able to manage the MC server. This is too complicated for me. I want to be able to log in, start/stop and restart the server without logging in, then select the MC server to manage it and set something there.

Do you want a direct update to McMyAdmin 3? I would pay for it again, it would definitely be worth it.

Sry for my Bad English, greetings from Germany!

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Mike posted this 4 weeks ago

Log into AMP, right click your Minecraft instance, select "Manage in new tab", bookmark the URL for that single instance, done.

hchristo posted this 4 weeks ago

Nevertheless AMP is active, why should I want to run AMP on the side? This is unnecessary! Unnecessary wastes resources: RAM, SSD memory, CPU load. I want a single web interface without additional ballast. AMP runs as a service, the Minecraft Server runs as a service... what for? I think I will stay with McMyAdmin until it is no longer supported or downloadable.

Mike posted this 4 weeks ago

Because its job is to look after that Minecraft instance, to provide login facilities, keep it up-to-date, etc...

You can have just the Minecraft instance by itself but you lose access to certain functionality.

'ampinstmgr create MinecraftModule'

McMyAdmin is already no longer supported. The answer to any issues with it is 'upgrade'

hchristo posted this 4 weeks ago

All Good, i had a Full Backup from McMyAdmin 2 burning on a CD :D With my Licence File on it :D

Include the Windows Version and the ""

hchristo posted this 4 weeks ago

Exist McMyAdmin v3 as Standalone?

Mike posted this 4 weeks ago

That's what that command I gave you is for. Or if you're using a MCMA2 key it's 'ampinstmgr create McMyAdminModule' in a command prompt.