Migrating AMP to new server from Linux to Windows

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ccsliinc posted this 4 weeks ago

I needed to reinstall to a new server. I was on linux now I am on windows. I have a backup of all the directories and all the nightly backups i setup. How do I restore the old backups to the new server. Almost every server is Minecraft.

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Mike posted this 4 weeks ago

If you took a backup of all the directories, then you can just restore them into your Instances directory and run ampinstmgr repair - it should just figure itself out for the most part.

ccsliinc posted this 3 weeks ago

Thank you. It didnt work quite as simple. It was complaining about missing exe files, it messed up the ports. I recreated each instance with same name. Shut them down, copied over minecraft, backup folders and a bunch of files from the root directory of the instance. Looks likes its working but dont have my minecraft to test.