Minecraft Bedrock Edition is refusing to start because Java is not installed.

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DreadPirate posted this 3 weeks ago

AMP is not starting MC Bedrock edition because Java is not installed on the server. Currently running AMP v1.9.1.2

Error Message: https://puu.sh/EUqS4/d3752b6516.png

Datastore Contents: https://puu.sh/EUqSp/b4522b1963.png

Just an FYI, thanks!

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DreadPirate posted this 3 weeks ago

Another update... The bedrock option is still looking for a jar file and it just does not attempt to find/run the EXE.

Mike posted this 3 weeks ago

I can't reproduce this - can you double check that the selected server type is in fact set to Bedrock, and then hit the Update button?

DreadPirate posted this 2 weeks ago


Thanks for replying.

I've created a fresh, new instance of a Bedrock server and it looks like it's working, but it is executing the Jar, not the Bedrock exe.

Here is the configuration for Minecraft within AMP: https://puu.sh/EWLEV/44cf6db2a0.png (When updated from here, it downloads the proper files)

Here is the finished update from the Status Page (check the lower right corner): https://puu.sh/EWLFi/1d0fee87cb.png (When updated here, it downloads the Standard, Stable, Java version of the vanilla MC server)

It starts up, but Bedrock_Server.exe is not running: https://puu.sh/EWLIf/b7dd9ea245.png

Java is running the minecraftserver.jar file: https://puu.sh/EWLK6/4a619e8220.png (I'm expecting BedrockServer.exe to be running)

If I run BedrockServer.exe manually, I get the console and "BedrockServer.exe" running in task manager, no java instances are started from this action.

This was a fresh install of AMP on 12-24-2019, and this is a fresh instance of MC Bedrock.

Is there any other information I can provide that may help?

Thanks again!

Mike posted this 2 weeks ago

Can you put AMP into debug mode and check its log? https://github.com/cubecoders/amp/wiki/Diagnosing-AMP-issues