Minecraft Bedrock Edition is refusing to start because Java is not installed.

  • Last Post 06 January 2020
DreadPirate posted this 29 December 2019

AMP is not starting MC Bedrock edition because Java is not installed on the server. Currently running AMP v1.9.1.2

Error Message: https://puu.sh/EUqS4/d3752b6516.png

Datastore Contents: https://puu.sh/EUqSp/b4522b1963.png

Just an FYI, thanks!

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DreadPirate posted this 30 December 2019

Another update... The bedrock option is still looking for a jar file and it just does not attempt to find/run the EXE.

Mike posted this 02 January 2020

I can't reproduce this - can you double check that the selected server type is in fact set to Bedrock, and then hit the Update button?

DreadPirate posted this 05 January 2020


Thanks for replying.

I've created a fresh, new instance of a Bedrock server and it looks like it's working, but it is executing the Jar, not the Bedrock exe.

Here is the configuration for Minecraft within AMP: https://puu.sh/EWLEV/44cf6db2a0.png (When updated from here, it downloads the proper files)

Here is the finished update from the Status Page (check the lower right corner): https://puu.sh/EWLFi/1d0fee87cb.png (When updated here, it downloads the Standard, Stable, Java version of the vanilla MC server)

It starts up, but Bedrock_Server.exe is not running: https://puu.sh/EWLIf/b7dd9ea245.png

Java is running the minecraftserver.jar file: https://puu.sh/EWLK6/4a619e8220.png (I'm expecting BedrockServer.exe to be running)

If I run BedrockServer.exe manually, I get the console and "BedrockServer.exe" running in task manager, no java instances are started from this action.

This was a fresh install of AMP on 12-24-2019, and this is a fresh instance of MC Bedrock.

Is there any other information I can provide that may help?

Thanks again!

Mike posted this 06 January 2020

Can you put AMP into debug mode and check its log? https://github.com/cubecoders/amp/wiki/Diagnosing-AMP-issues