MInecraft How To install Modpack with manifest.json

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Jibar_Abardon posted this 30 January 2021


I want to install the modpack "Create Skyblock" as a server.

In the modpack zip file is only

overrides (folder) manifest.json modlist.html

How do I configure the instance to run a server?

Greetings Jibar_Abardon

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Mike posted this 30 January 2021

You should contact the modpack author and ask them. This isn't specific to AMP.

Procco posted this 2 weeks ago

You need to run the server locally first. Download the server files, extract them into a folder and run the server on your PC. It will download all the essential files needed to configure the server. Once the server is loaded up and running, shut it down and zip all the files back up.

Transfer those files over to AMP as usual and configure AMP to run the server .jar like usual. That's what I had to do with ATM6