Minecraft Java version RAM usage

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Combatbob posted this 27 May 2019

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu Server 18.04

Product Name/Version: AMP v1.8.0.2, built 22/05/2019 10:44

Problem Description: Minecraft Java Version RAM immediately maxes out regardless of setting. I.E- assign 1G, maxes out. Assign 2G, maxes out etc.

Steps to reproduce:

Step 1 Assign 1024 to RAM assignment and start server, notice maxes out.

Step 2 Stop, assign 2048 to RAM and start server, notice is maxes out.

Step 3 Stop, assign 3072 to RAM and start server, notices it immediately maxes out.

Actions taken to resolve so far: Just migrated this from a Windows 2k16 Server with no server wrapper at all, just running Java from a BAT. With exact same plugins (5 plugins), server would start up to about 1.2G and then move between 1.5G and 2G of usage during day to day operation (That server I also had set for 2048 in my java script).

For this server I did the same thing, but after seeing the RAM usage I extended to 3072M but it immediately eats that as well, with no players logged in. Puzzled why on Linux, which is supposed to have less overhead, is my Minecraft Server gobbling as much RAM as I can hand it. I do not believe it is AMP mis-representing the usage, HTOP from SSH session shows the same usage.

These were both Virtual Machines running under KVM (Unraid), both with 4 vCores and 4096M RAM assigned.

Thank you for any insight you might have!

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Combatbob posted this 28 May 2019

I tested today just running the server with a .sh (xms1024M xmx4096M) rather than through AMP and the RAM usage was only 1.6G after server start up. Stopped and then started through AMP and it immediately shoots to 4000+M.

So it does seem like AMP is doing something to the RAM usage of the server when it starts it vs not using AMP.

Is this something known or something I may have reconfigured? I really want to use AMP, I've been using McMyAdmin for years this RAM usage is going to kill it for me if I have to allocate 4+G of RAM for a simple 10 person server.

Mike posted this 28 May 2019

Use htop to compare the arguments AMP is using vs your shell script. Running it via AMP is no different to doing so without. AMP just runs java, nothing fancy.