Minecraft on RAMDISK

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Rac00n posted this 04 December 2017


I've come across some issues with performance while running Minecraft, so I investigated somewhat. What I found was using Minecraft on a RAMDISK which was like an enourmous boost. So my suggestion is to impletement a feature that allows you to start MC in a RAMDISK. Since a lot of servers nowadays have a lot a RAM inserted and is running on 64Bit OS this could be easy done.


  • Setup RAM allocation for RAMDISK (short RD)
  • Create RD if not exists/Check if RAMDISK is available
  • Copy MC Files to RD
  • Start MC on RD
  • When Ending MC copy MC Files back to HD for persisting storage

An example on how it's done can be found here: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Tutorials/Ramdiskenabledserver

Thanks in advance, Rac00n :)

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Mike posted this 07 December 2017

It's something I want to do as a plugin to generally support moving an application from LTS into a Ramdisk before it starts and copying the data over periodically. It would be general purpose so it'd work with any application AMP supports. I can't give any kind of timescale though.