Minecraft server. How to add java 64Bit

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Badwolf15002 posted this 1 weeks ago

Windows 10 OS 19042.928

Product Name/Version: AMP v2.2.0.6

So i got my minecraft server started yet i cant increase the Ram past 1024. I looked online and found


Yet i cant find how to install the 64bit java version. Under my Minecraft instance i go to Java and memory and under Java version i only have the option for Default java. I believe once i get the 64bit version it would show up there.

[Misc Info] So far this is much easier than using MineOs on my TrueNas system. Though in the future im probably gonna have AMP Running on its own system.

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Mike posted this 6 days ago

You should remove any existing Java installations, then install Adoptopenjdk 16 Hotspot, then reboot.

Badwolf15002 posted this 6 days ago

I am new to AMP. How would i do that?

Mike posted this 6 days ago


Badwolf15002 posted this 6 days ago

Once Installed what do i do next? How would i remove the existing Java installations?

Mike posted this 5 days ago

Same as any other program, via Add/Remove programs.