Minecraft Server Ram

  • Last Post 26 June 2020
SazB posted this 24 June 2020

My vanilla minecraft server is using 5gb of ram, there is no plugins or anything to make it use this amount of ram. Does anyone have any ideas on why all of my minecraft servers are using an excessive amount of ram when on my other dedicated server a plain instance like this would only use about 1gb of ram.

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Mike posted this 24 June 2020

How much did you set the maximum heap size to?

SazB posted this 26 June 2020

I set it to 6gb of ram but usually before the recent update I can set the ram to like 3gb and it doesn't use that it'll use like 1.8, see screenshot of my old server created about a month ago with AMP and it's using 1.8 with 3gb of ram but it has like 20 plugins on and a map that we have rendered quite a lot but the second screenshot with the exact same ram but a newly created instance is using the 2.8gb and it's on the same server type: papers.

[1]: https://ibb.co/P1LM5Lg [ First Screenshot ]

[2]: https://ibb.co/3SCKJh4 [ Second screenshot]

I don't think it's AMP, but I would like to get some help please and what you think is causing this problem, like is there settings on my server that's causing this. It's running on Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS, RAM: 96609MB RAM and Processor: 1x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2430 v2 @ 2.50GHz(6C/12T).

Thank you.