MinecraftModule instance creation issue

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Techno_Anomaly posted this 17 August 2018

System details:

  • OS/Version: Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS
  • Product Name/Version: AMP Release "Hawking Starman" V1.6.9.0+(Including recent nightly)

Problem: I was having an issue with creating new Minecraft instances, both via ADS and cmd line. When attempting to login via web console no response and times out. Did a little digging in the logs and did not identify anything that was pointing it to a definitive issue. At that point I remove AMP from my system and upgraded from 14.04 ( why not do it now that I am having issues?). After the update same issue occurs. I eventually notice an error that is the following.

[14:09:33] [Core:System Error]    : Missing plugin/assembly: minecraftModule (/home/AMP/.ampdata/instances/creative/Plugins/minecraftModule/minecraftModule.dll) [14:09:33] [ModuleLoader:System Error] : Unable to load module minecraftModule: Could not load file or assembly 'minecraftModule' or one of its dependencies

it appears that during the setup of the instance it is looking for "minecraftModule/minecraftModule.dll" but Linux is case sensitive and the directory and file are "MinecraftModule/MinecraftModule.dll". I was able to resolve the issue by changing the name of the directory and the file to correlate with what AMP was looking for within both the AMPCache-1609.zip, and AMPCache-Nightly-20180816-220123.zip files . This solved my issue and I was able to start the instance and login with no issues. I was not able to identify exactly what was calling the Module, so I can not test from there with the fix. I hope this helps to fix this minor inconvenience.

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Mike posted this 17 August 2018

The filename/module name is wrong. It should be MinecraftModule not minecraftModule (case-sensitive).

Techno_Anomaly posted this 17 August 2018

New issue to add on to this, after a reseting the instance this error is occurred and now due to my fix it will not work. [Error] [0] (FileNotFoundException) : Could not find file "/home/AMP/.ampdata/instances/creative/Plugins/MinecraftModule/WebRoot/Skins/Steve.png".

As you can see it is looking for "MinecraftModule" where I changed that directory to be "minecraftModule" to fix the previous issue.

I have created duplicate directories with the various capitalization methods, and it is ugly but working, for now.

Techno_Anomaly posted this 17 August 2018

Agreed, I am assuming AMP_Linux_x86_64 is calling the lowercase version on initial setup when it should in fact be capitalized. I have searched through all of the scripts and other various files to see if I can identify what is calling it incorrectly but I cannot, which as I said leads me to believe that AMP_Linux_x86_64 is what is calling it improperly.

Mike posted this 17 August 2018

The module name is defined in AMPConfig.conf

Techno_Anomaly posted this 17 August 2018

Ok thanks, I must have missed that.