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pacas00 posted this 08 October 2020

Hello All.

I have a small question regarding module development, specifically, how do you load the module via command line?

I've tried +Core.AMP.LoadPlugins AvorionModule like the 'Getting started with AMP developer licences' says for plugins, which causes the error, Unable to set Core.AMP.LoadPlugins (List<string>) to AvorionModule, But I suspect that won't work for this even if i had the syntax correct as it's not a plugin.

I've also tried editing the instances.json file.

I'm probably missing something obvious, So any pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

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Mike posted this 08 October 2020

it's +Core.AMP.AppModule MODULENAME

pacas00 posted this 08 October 2020

Thank you!