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Damien posted this 27 September 2017


I have been toying around with AMP's backup feature. So far I like the way it looks, but it has left me wanting some features. One of the main things that I would love to see is an integrated auto-backup system other than setting up a scheduled event. Another thing I would really like is the ability to change how much backups are compressed (something along the lines of configuring a target compression ratio.) This would be great for scenarios where multiple servers may be running on a machine and competing for storage.

Thanks, Damien

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Mike posted this 27 September 2017

Can you be more specific about what you mean when you say: "an integrated auto-backup system other than setting up a scheduled event." ? Normally the idea would be that you'd set up a scheduled task to run every day for example and to have it run a backup then akin to a cron task.

Damien posted this 28 September 2017

Thanks for the reply!

I can see how I may have messed up what I wrote. I was inferring that you could have a separate setting where you could set an interval for backups. After thinking about it for a little bit I realize that that is kinda redundant and should just be done with the scheduler instead (which I'm not too great at using, but kind of ok at.)

Regards, Damien