Multiple minecraft servers advice/help

  • Last Post 06 August 2018
Kisama posted this 06 August 2018


I am trying to setup multiple minecraft servers, and manage everything through AMP. I have one running now, and it works just fine. However, in the UI, I can't see a way to add another minecraft instance. Do I need to run that on a separate server? Also what is the best way to setup multiple servers, and do I need a license per minecraft instance?

What is the best way to setup multiple servers, being should I have one beefy dedicated machine running Linux, or should I run multiple VM's with Linux, each running it's own individual instance of AMP?

With the options above, is there a way to manage all instances in either setup from one panel/interface with AMP?

Also side note, I have activated and am using my amp license for minecraft, but the license page shows I haven't used any activations of my license, is this something that needs to be corrected?

NOTE: For my minecraft servers, I always prefer to run them on current release, of CentOS minimal installs, so currently they are running on CentOS 7 minimal.

Mike posted this 06 August 2018

Create an ADS instance.