My friend cannot join my minecraft server.

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EELAA posted this 2 weeks ago

Ok, so basically my friend can't connect to the server, but I can. I have tried giving him the server address as well as the server IP, but no working still. he said it could be something called masking which I have no idea about. he lives in England, I live in Finland, could that have to do something with it?

AbhorrentJoel posted this 2 weeks ago

Would be nice to know your server setup. Perhaps you could read this and edit your original post accordingly for starters.

Are you hosting from a residential connection, or are you renting a server? If it's the former, there's a good chance you have to deal with NAT and port forwarding, and you have to give them your external (public) IPv4 address.

It doesn't seem like this issue would be an AMP problem, anyway.