New forums! Please re-register. Old forums available as read-only.

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Mike posted this 3 weeks ago

I've upgraded the CubeCoders forums/support board to a much newer version. This will fix a lot of problems people have been having such as issues with the search, browsing categories and reporting spam. I'll also be able to properly allow some of the regular trusted members to moderate the forum.

You'll need to re-register your account, unfortunately the version gap was so different and I'd made so many changes to the original version that it wasn't possible to migrate all the data over in a sane amount of time.

The old forums will be placed into read-only mode for archival purposes. You can find them at

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TheModdersDen posted this 3 weeks ago

love the new forum. Does it run on a new backend? I'm asking because it looks very similar to the old one.

Mike posted this 3 weeks ago

It's the same forum software, but a new version of it.

TheModdersDen posted this 3 weeks ago

Cool. It is looking much better, and more functional as you have sorted that one issue out.