Now instead of waiting for formal releases, you can get the latest nightly builds - updated each day.

These are put through the same batches of unit tests and automated integration tests as the main release builds so they should be reasonably stable for the most part. A new nightly build is produced every day even if there were no submitted code changes that day.

You can submit bugs at the issue tracker. Make sure you include the build timestamp for your nightly and that your issue still exists on the most recent build.

For Linux users:

  • Make sure you're running version 1.5 of the AMP instance manager (ampinstmgr) or newer.
  • Run ./ampinstmgr --nightly upgrade SomeInstanceName to upgrade that instance to the current nightly build. You can use --nightly as well when creating new instances. Omitting this flag will simply use the mainline build.

For Windows users:

In the future I also plan to tag the nightly builds in some way to show what changes have been made and what's new in that particular build.