No access to AMP web interface through reverse proxy on non-LAN address'

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MasterShake posted this 4 weeks ago

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS on both AMP host & Webserver

Product Name/Version: AMP - Latest / nginx

Problem Description: Can access amp.domain.tld from internal IP address' & via VPN, but not externally

Steps to reproduce:

-Install AMP, open UFW firewall ports, test connection via IP locally - no issues -Set nginx reverse proxy for IP address of AMP host on correct port, create CNAME record & sign with SSL Cert -access Actions taken to resolve so far:

Re created the reverse proxy on the web server - changed out the ports, checked router config

I have multiple web apps running with reverse proxy, some point to other IPs rather than the web host's and they all work, just AMP doesn't seem to accept traffic from non-LAN IP Address' via the reverse proxy

MasterShake posted this 4 weeks ago

I resolved my own issue by re configuring nginx without the SSL certificate and re generating, it all seems to work fine