no import option in minecraft management ui?

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vigilian posted this 12 August 2017

So there is no import option for the minecraft ui from an archive that you've done from another ui for example or yourself? you need to do the barbaric stuff to copy and then extract yourself? you do know that nearly every webui for minecraft or other games even, fro ark for example or space engineers, does all copy the same thing right? mineos does it, multicraft does it... and others too

and you don't do multi server management i guess? So I need to create for each server a new instance?

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Mike posted this 12 August 2017

If you've got an archive of your server then you can just drag it into the file manager and unzip it, then tell AMP which jar file it's supposed to use.

For multi server management you use the ADS module, it's not finished yet though so it opens new tabs for each instance. In the future you'll just log into one place and manage everything there.

vigilian posted this 16 August 2017

okey so here is an idea, shouldn't be less messier to add an import directory ?

okey so one server = one instance, I get it .

thanks anyway