No more boot of AMP after Install

  • Last Post 14 October 2019
danielalpha007 posted this 13 October 2019

Hello i got many Problems with AMP... I tried to install it in a Proxmox Debian 9 LXC Container and as KVM too..

I have to install the Locales for UTF 8 always and in the KVM the Installation is dead after setup in the web, its starting then and never comes up and the method in the LXC Container worked well, but after a reboot i couldnt get it running again..

What is best practise? If ubuntuu or Windows works better for AMP, im gonna use that.



Mike posted this 14 October 2019

You're logged in as root, ampinstmgr commands must be ran as the amp user. You can switch over by running su -l amp