Performance counters are incorrect for MC Java edition

  • Last Post 28 June 2020
theDarkPotato posted this 27 June 2020

OS: Windows Server 2019 Datacenter (Controller: Desktop Experience; Target: Server Core w/ FoD) Product: CubeCoders AMP v10.9.9.10 (b. 23-Jun-20)

Problem: The CPU, Memory and TPS Counters within a Minecraft Java Instance are incorrect and above realistic readings.

Steps to Reproduce: Create a MC Java Edition Instance

Actions taken so far: None.

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Mike posted this 27 June 2020

The CPU and memory usage figures are queried from the OS, the TPS is queried by running the TPS command in the console. These figures are correct and don't come from AMP itself.

theDarkPotato posted this 28 June 2020

There is definitely something wrong, as AMP is displaying results of 145% and unrealistic RAM usage that is well and truly above threshold, when clearly taskmgr is not displaying these figures.
Our previous solution MCServerSoft does not display the same figures.