This is a provisional roadmap, lots of things are subject to change. Items will be frequently added and removed or moved between releases.

1.7 – Hawking Starman

  • Full creation and management of instances via ADS with updated statuses inside controllers/tartgets
  • Centralized permissions management (partial, may end up completed in 1.8)
  • Factorio and Terraria modules
  • Hybrid control mode for ADS (Controllers that can create local instances too)
  • New installation procedure, frontlines ADS and pushes it as the way to do everything

1.8 – Titan

  • Integrated ACME support for LetsEncrypt
  • New status page, merged with Console tab – shows more data
  • Audit log viewer
  • Production ready release for Enterprise edition
  • Notifications system (without Pushbullet)
  • Finalize docker support, promote to mainline feature
  • 7 Days To Die Module, plus 1 other (TBD)

1.9 – Lapetus

  • User interface style refresh, themes
  • Two new application modules (TBD)
  • SDK Revamp

2.0 – Io

  • AMP plugin/module repository
  • Developer store