Purchased a licence but it got sent to an email address which no longer exists

  • Last Post 02 December 2019
BladedGhost posted this 02 December 2019

About a week ago I bought a new McMyAdmin licence, even though I already have one on the email address which doesn't work anymore, but I decided to buy a new one since at-least this time it would be bought on the correct email address, but without realizing it, I was never asked for my email address and was told that the key will be sent to the email address I use on paypal, this email address is the one that does not work anymore, I have tried sending an email to contact@cubecoders.com but I have not gotten any replies, Please can I get help with this?

Mike posted this 02 December 2019

When did you send the email? Support doesn't run on weekends. Also you need to change the email address on your Paypal account first.