quick technical structural quesiton

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vigilian posted this 12 August 2017

So, for all your instances, you always cp all the modules? !i've seen that for every instances you put the Plugins folder with it with all modules in it? But you said in your wiki that ADS is responsible for managing the instances no? so what's the point to put the plugins for each of your instance?

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Mike posted this 12 August 2017

Mostly for simplicity, there's one archive with everything in and it just unpacks that. I could change it to skip the modules and their contents that it's not using - but for the sake of a few hundred KB it'd be a relatively low priority. ADS would need all of them though since it queries the different plugins/modules to get information about them.

vigilian posted this 16 August 2017

okey i cna understand your point of view, it's just that clearly it's not ocmmon to have that structure like that so it's a bit distrubing. . thanks for your answer.