Rebinding Instances is not possible

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FlayInAHook posted this 1 weeks ago

Since its a long time problem now that rebinding instances is not possible I decided to post the problem here.

So I just want to quickly rebind all of my web interfaces because I got a 2nd IP. But Its simply not possible. The quintessence of the log says "The IP address and port combination is already in use by another instance." nevertheless, I posted the whole exception here. I have the following setup for my instances setup and I want to issue this command ./ampinstmgr --RebindInstance EHGMC 25577 but it doesn't let me. I also tried ./ampinstmgr --RebindInstance EHGMC 25578 this before the other command to avoid the same port but it didn't work. Stopping all instances before didn't help either. I know that I could edit every config file of the web interfaces but this would cost me so much time. I hope you can fix this :)

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Mike posted this 1 weeks ago

What's the output of ./ampinstmgr -l ?

FlayInAHook posted this 6 days ago

instances setup

Here you can find it

Mike posted this 6 days ago

Well it's behaving correctly. You've got another instance on that same port number bound to every IP address (

You'd have to rebind that instance to a specific IP address or use a different port.

FlayInAHook posted this 6 days ago

But I did this with the commands? I'd even rebinded it to another port before to prevent such behavior.

Mike posted this 6 days ago

The instance called EHGMC is already bound to 25577 (so it won't let you rebind to the same port) and LeonardFamilie is using port 25578.

FlayInAHook posted this 6 days ago

my dumbness has no boundaries.. thx for the help :)