Remove applications from list when creating a new instance

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MrKoffee posted this 25 May 2020

I'm setting up a server for my son to play around with Minecraft. Is there a way to remove all the applications, except Minecraft, in the list when creating a new instance?

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Mike posted this 26 May 2020

You could hand modify the AppMappings.json file to remove them all, but there's no permission for this. In this situation I'd remove the permission for creating instances altogether.

MrKoffee posted this 26 May 2020

Thank you for your response.

I considered removing the create instance permission, but wanted to see if there was another way.

I had already modified the AppMappings.json in the /opt/cubecoders/amp/shared/Plugins/ADSModule/WebRoot and in the /home/amp/.ampdata/instances/ADS01/Plugins/ADSModule/WebRoot directories. After restarting amp, and even rebooting the server, there was no change.

I could not find an AppManifest.json file though. Where would this be located?

Mike posted this 26 May 2020

Ah I meant AppMappings, also I forgot that it rebuilds some of that data at runtime so modifying the file only removes some applications rather than all of them. There isn't a way to do this as it currently stands.