Running multiple instances best with more cores on processor?

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strange posted this 4 weeks ago

I'm contemplating running a minecraft and valheim server on the same box, wondering if more processor cores makes a difference? I can get a cheap but higher clock speed i5 with two cores, or one with more cores (I think) slightly slower clock speed and costing more. Can anyone advise?

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maggi373 posted this 3 weeks ago

two core i5? what model are these? i would have taken the one with more cores. Remember that minecraft does use more than one core but is heavely one core dependent. Valheim does not require much.

maggi373 posted this 3 weeks ago

either you have an T model cpu or 1st gen if im right

strange posted this 3 weeks ago

Ha, I was looking into a second hand NUC, hence old processor two-core processor. Good to know how minecraft uses cores.

I've been running Minecraft on vps for years, just started running valheim too, and wondering if instead i can run both on a relatively cheap and low power mini pc at home.


maggi373 posted this 3 weeks ago

most of my servers that are for games are running mostly 3rd gen but also few 2gen intel machines made by DELL, i recommend dell's optiplex line ala 7010 SFF or 9010 SFF they have good cpus, theyre small and have intel nic i get mine from around 50-100usd used. Im running three modpack servers and others that have our pack on vps have terrible experience due to the demand. Note: that our main modpack server is an overclocked i5

strange posted this 3 weeks ago

Thanks for that tip - they're much more reasonably priced than the second-hand NUCs! So a Intel Core i5 3570 in a 7010 would be a nice little server?

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maggi373 posted this 2 weeks ago

sorry for late answer, forgot about this, the 3570 is the best i5 for that generation for optiplex if i remember right. But yes it will be a nice little server. Have several with that cpu. And for those wondering about new hardware the Intel i3 10100 with a cheap motherboard is maybe an viable option

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