Satisfactory wont start

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Erazor posted this 05 November 2021

Me too




Microsoft Windows 11 Pro

System Type x86_64

Virtualization None

Module ADSModule

Loaded Plugins FileManagerPlugin, EmailSenderPlugin, WebRequestPlugin, LocalFileBackupPlugin, CommonCorePlugin Application Name AMPService

Application Version

Release Stream Release

Build Date 01/11/2021 17:22

Problem Description:

Steps to reproduce:

Start and Stop the Server

Actions taken to resolve so far:

create Instance

update instance

recreate Instance

Update AMP with no Cache

Verify Install

and so on

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Erazor posted this 07 November 2021

Hey Mike

i recreated the Server again and set the original Ports for the Game, except the first one.

The Wiki from Satisfactory says, that the Ports cant be reassigned for now?!

I dont know if this was the fault.

Stock 7777,15000,15777

i set 7778 (because im running ark on 7777),15000,15777


Now i was able to start the Game and set the Server up to create a Map.

Server works without Problems for now : )

Mike posted this 07 November 2021

Does AMP say that the application is ready? What does AMP say the status is? It is normal for the satisfactory server to produce a lot of errors - they can be ignored.