Server console history & console tab-complete

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TheRobLP posted this 3 weeks ago

So, I just had an idea because I was starting a server via Windows CMD. The title basically explains it, but below Im going to go into detail of each respective feature idea:

Console history:

  What I mean by this is, you will be able to press the up/down key on your keyboard when the 
  command input field of an AMP instance is focused, and it will allow you to go through 
  previously executed commands. Like you can do on the Windows or Ubuntu terminals.

Tab-complete [MinecraftModule-specific]:

  Tab-complete for commands in the input field, when it is focused. It would certainly make life 
  a tad easier if we could just tab our way to victory in the server console.

Thanks for taking your time to read through my suggestions.

Mike posted this 3 weeks ago

You can already use the arrow keys in AMPs console. Tab completion is planned but with some caveats.