Server Rebooted and now all instances are not active.

  • Last Post 27 September 2017
Jager67 posted this 27 September 2017

I run AMP on Windows PC and the Server rebooted and now all AMP Instances say in the log that they are not active and I have ran in CMD ./AMP.exe +Core.AMP.LicenceKey YOURKEYHERE an it looks like it goes through but when I try to start it after running that command it still has the same issue in the log.

Last time this happened I had to create all new instances an delete the old ones an it took way to long can you please help me with this issue.

Jager67 posted this 27 September 2017

Alright I figured it out myself what I did was I created a new instance and took the file thats created in the Licence folder an just copied and pasted in every Instance I have and I was able to launch all of my servers after that with no issues.