Setup AMP with CloudFlare

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TheNoNinja posted this 20 June 2021

I want to setup AMP with CloudFlare and found this post describing that I needed to setup the https connection after the setup to circumvent the origin check. But now then I try to reach AMP through CloudFlare it thinks I used to wrong URL so it will send me to the URL that I set up which in turn redirects it back. This will loop till I get the the error "redirected you too many times." and it stops trying.

Is there something I could do to prevent this from happening while still using CloudFlare? Thanks in advance!

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maggi373 posted this 3 weeks ago

hey, could you explain this better? i currently use amp trough Cloudflare and it works great! i will gladly help you

maggi373 posted this 3 weeks ago

took some time and found my internal doc i made doing this: it does not match your setup but can be used to find an answer