SIGABRT on StartAll after upgrade to latest (8/8) AMP

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Archon_SD posted this 6 days ago

I updated my previous AMP (don't know the exact revision, was about 3 weeks old) to the one you just released a couple days ago. Did it following instructions from Marellan in Discord. Pretty simple instructions to follow: install sqlite3, libsqlite3-dev, copy ampinstmgr over the old one and run 'ampinstmgr -p' to update everything. I did that and it seemed to all succeed.

I rebooted the server (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) after applying the updates because I also updated Ubuntu and there were a number of useful updates. On startup I used the CLI to start the ADSInstance on 8080 and could log into it fine with the browser and my existing creds. I started the first instance (a previously working MC instance on 8081) and it seemed to start. I tried to manage it and the loading page gave me "Invalid salt Parameter name: salt" and no login, just the proper backdrop on the page, but no GUI/gadgets. I tried a few times and the same thing kept happening. I ran the command line update again, it seemed to succeed again, but the salt error is still there. I bounced all the instances and suddenly the ADS instance started giving me the same error, even though it previously let me log in after the update. Now I can't log into anything AMP-related.

I re-ran the update attempt (./ampinstmgr -p) and it seemed to succeed, but no change in the salt error for every instance, including ADS now.

I'm at a loss. There's a lot of work gone into this setup, and I'd really like to be able to recover the AMP installation without a blow away and restart. I didn't mind blowing away the MC instance, it was a test instance anyway, but I really don't want to loose the ADS instance or another MC instance that has players.

When I tried to start all on the command line (./ampinstmgr -a) it SIGABRT'd and gave me:

Any thoughts?

Archon_SD posted this 6 days ago

Rerunning the command did seem to complete. Talking to some folks in Discord, they say this happens 'sometimes' and to ignore it. Debated closing the ticket, but I fig'd I'd give you a chance to see and respond before I do.