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SmanUK posted this 30 May 2018

Hi, I am unable to put the ID for the mods in under "My Config Dedicated" in the "Configuration" bit. I'm guessing the ID is the last numbers on the stream workshop, for example "327627089" from this link

I'm finding the Administrators and Banned Users is the same, it dosn't enter anything.

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Mike posted this 31 May 2018

What version of AMP? And what does the log say?

SmanUK posted this 31 May 2018

I'm using, the logs do not give any errors or anything. It all looks normal, I've started it and it works fine just can't input any mod IDs or admins

Mike posted this 02 June 2018

Righto, I'll take a look at this.

Archon_SD posted this 04 July 2018

FWIW, the AMP GUI's mod ID gadget didn't take input at all. It was there, but it wouldn't take focus. And it was still doing this in 1.7 nightly from about a week ago.

What I did to get mods into SE was download the sandbox.sbc file, edit in the mod ID, and re-upload the file back using filemanager from the AMP GUI. On startup, Space Engineers downloads the mods that were called for without you having to do anything to install files.

It would be really nice to have that GUI in AMP work though. I worry about manually edited stuff like this getting overwritten by the GUI when it refreshes, having been "blank" the whole time.

FWIW, the manual edit I mentioned works fine to get mods in, but the AMP GUI doesn't also seem to read back the config, because the AMP interface never recognized the mod info was manually added in the Sandbox.sbc file.

If you go this route, you'll want to look for the <mods></mods> line and add in your mod ID like this:


You can get the numeric portion from the URL in Steam's interface when you're looking at the mod.