Space Engineers: Mods issue, Store Settings Issues

  • Last Post 18 May 2019
Gothyk posted this 17 May 2019

So, I'm new to AMP, however, I am not new to hosting or to Space Engineers. I am actually having several problems that only occur when using AMP to host a server.

  • MODS I currently run a GTXGaming server with 19 mods installed. The problem that seems to be on AMP is that it's adding mods to the config file. Nothing actually loads when the server starts and it says 0 mods. If I try to add them to the sandbox file it then just crashes the game. The mods are not incompatible with the game itself as I'm running them online server in the same config I was trying to do it on amp. Is there a workaround for this at all?

  • Store settings I may have gotten the title wrong, but it seems any changes to these settings do not make any in game impact. These settings are usually saved in the config file and even though the settings show accurately on the site, they do nothing in game (setting inv multiplier to 5 for example).

  • No Password option I had this problem with the GTXGaming servers as well and manually added a password hash and salt to the config files. I can't do that on this because it is instantly reverted back to a previous state. Please add support for passwords that is part of the origional dedicated server client.

Thank you for your time.

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Gothyk posted this 17 May 2019

  • Session store changes do not seem to impact game (edited while not running)

Missing items from standard config • Enable Wolfs (enabled on AMP by default) • Enable Spiders (disabled on AMP by default) • No password feature • Settings made in session store do not impact the game.

I've just given up on the fact that adding mods though amp is broken since any way I know to do it breaks it only on AMP, but I have the steam client that can run them and gtx gaming that can run them w/o issues. No options for wolves/spiders can be a downer cause wolves are on by default and spiders are off which by default are both usually off.

I'll be patient and just wait for an update.

Mike posted this 18 May 2019

Just a note that I am aware, OP mentioned this on Discord. :)