Steam Guard support/not working

  • Last Post 10 January 2020
Gibbsman posted this 09 January 2020

Hello Everyone!

OS Name/Version: Ubuntu 18.04.3 Fully updated

Product Name/Version: AMP

Problem Description: I thought AMP supported Steam Guard at one point, but I'm not getting asked for it. I'm trying to setup a starbound server and after the instance is created and I go directly to it or manage from ADS it asks for my Steam Credentials to download the game but never asks for the Steam Guard code. Due to this, it never downloads the server.

Steps to reproduce:

Step 1: enable steam guard on steam account Step 2: Create a starbound instance Step 3: log in to steam from UI (will never ask for steam guard code)

Actions taken to resolve so far: I can log into steamcmd from the Ubuntu CLI using my credentials and steam guard, but not from the UI. I tried downloading the server manually via steamcmd and doing a forceinstalldir to the starbound instance, but AMP still says the server isn't installed. Nothing in the logs indicate anything interesting.

Mike posted this 10 January 2020

It does support it, but steamcmd can get it's knickers in a twist. Delete all of the steamcmd files from the datastore and hit update again.