Stop Server stays stopped?

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GreenZombie posted this 11 November 2018

I am running a small minecraft server using McMyAdmin v2

I recently loaded a modpack on it called Harvest Craft - which has seasons and seasonal crops, so I use the "Stop Server" button to stop the server while we are not playing on it.

But I see that the server is restarted if the box its hosting on looses power and is restarted.

Is this expected behaviour? Is there any way we can stop the server and get it to stay stopped until manually started again?

Enable Server Sleeping is obviously an option, but I don't believe that that works with ForgeMod based servers.

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Mike posted this 11 November 2018

You've turned on autostart in McMyAdmin.conf - MCMA will autostart the server when it starts when this is enabled.

GreenZombie posted this 11 November 2018

This is McMyAdmin

I've been all through the McMyAdmin.conf - the closest to an autostart setting is Server.SleepOnFirstStart - but that looks literally like the first time a server is started.

Mike posted this 11 November 2018

Just checked, MCMA2s default behaviour is to start the Minecraft server when it starts.

So either don't have MCMA2 start on boot, or start it with the "-nostart" command line flag which will prevent it starting the MC server.

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GreenZombie posted this 11 November 2018