Strange Notification When I Login to McMyAdmin

  • Last Post 08 February 2019
pdxminer posted this 04 February 2019

Hey All,

I was hoping to resolve this. It's very minor, but every time I log into the McMyAdmin interface I get the following notification. Is there a way to fix this or turn it off?

Notifications (1)
An Update is available
Minecraft Server {0} is now available to install.

Here is a little bit about my install:

Latest Version
Installed Version

Minecraft Server (McMyAdmin2 for Windows):
Server type = Official
Server release stream = Recommended
Latest Official Server Version (this is blank which seems strange)
Currently Installed Version 1.13.2

pdxminer posted this 08 February 2019


Maybe I wasn't that clear about what was strange in my notifications. It's the {0} showing where the version should be. See below. My guess is that the mechanism for retrieving the latest official Minecraft version is failing?

"Minecraft Server {0} is now available to install. "

Is this just me or everyone?