Terraria Bugs

  • Last Post 08 August 2020
Dinoway posted this 15 July 2020

I understand that the Terraria Server Module is currently in Beta. I am only providing my problems and feedback to help make it better.

AMP Problems:

  • The Status Menu is inaccurate. All of the usage information is zero. The Active Users status is also broken. It detects when a player joins, but does not detect when a player leaves. The number will continue to go up as a player joins.

  • The Server Start and Stop is broken. When the server starts, it is stuck on starting and only gives the Abort button which will do nothing except restart the server. The server is still on, but is registered as being off in AMP. The only way to shut it off is to stop the Instance. Sometimes, clicking Abort causes a boot loop and the server will keep restarting.

  • The Console commands do not work. When the server is finished starting, it says, "Type 'help' for a list of commands." typing help does not work. Going online and finding the commands to use do not work. Luckily you can see the console logs, but that's about it.

  • The configuration for Terraria is extremely vague. This isn't a bug, but compared to other configs such as the Minecraft config, this config is missing many things that would be very helpful to be able to change. The server is missing the 'serverconfig.txt' file which has many helpful options. There is a bug that I think is the game and not AMP where using buckets on any fluids kick the player from the server for cheating. Since I am running a private server, I would be able to disable the anticheat in the server config file, but I am unable to for the lack of there being one.

Terraria Problems

  • I am unsure if this is related to AMP or not, but there is a bug where using a bucket on any fluid kicks you from the game. More about this can be found HERE.

I hope the information that I provided could be any help. Thanks.

pdxampuser posted this 08 August 2020

Hey Dinoway,

Thanks for reporting these bugs. I was going mad trying to figure out if it was something wrong with my setup or AMP!

+1 to this. I hope these bugs get resolved with an upcoming release !