TPS message when booting server

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Wrayzor posted this 2 weeks ago

Name/Version: ubuntu 18
Product Name/Version: amp
Problem Description: when booting minecraft server, it gives a tps message in the console "Unknown command spigot:tps<--here" it="" maybe="" sleep="" related="" boot="" log:=""><--[here]">09:32:06="Time" elapsed:="" 777="" ms="" done="" (7.434s)!="" for="" help,="" type="" "help"=""

09:33:00="Unknown" command=""><--[here]>09:34:00="Unknown" command=""><--[here]>09:35:00="Unknown" command=""><--[here]>09:36:00="Unknown" command=""><--[here]>09:37:00="stopping" the="" server="" at="" 9:37="" is="" goes="" to="" sleep="" thanks="" 09:37:00="Stopping" the="" server="" at="" 9:37="" is="" goes="" to="" sleep="">

Mike posted this 1 weeks ago

Disable the TPS monitor option.