Unable to Change Minecraft To FTB (Feed The Beast) Server Type

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pdxampuser posted this 3 weeks ago

OS Name/Version:
Windows 10

Product Name/Version:
Minecraft 1.14.4

Problem Description:
I am unable to select "Feed the Beast" server type. There was no feedback in AMP that anything was happening after I selected it, so I looked at the logs and found following. I also noticed that the "FTB Modpack" drop down was not populated (as in blank).

[23:46:08] [System:admin Activity] : Updating the application.
[23:46:08] [Minecraft:admin Warning] : Missing modpack information for FTB Presents Skyfactory 2.5 (MC 1.7.10)!
[23:46:08] [Minecraft:admin Warning] : Couldn't determine URL to fetch update from

Actions taken to resolve so far:
Restarted Amp
Restarted PC

Any help would be much appreciated!

Mike posted this 3 weeks ago

FTB installation is unavailable as the FTB developers have taken most of their site offline leaving only a simple page and AMP can no longer get information about available modpacks. Right now you'll have to download and install FTB servers manually.