Unable to find Minecraft backup files on McMyAdmin Enterprise Edition

  • Last Post 26 May 2020
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swordprefect posted this 25 May 2020

OS Name/Version: Mac OSX 10.15.4

Product Name/Version: McMyAdmin Enterprise Edition (via Fragnet)

Problem Description: I have a Minecraft (1.15.2) server for a few friends that I run on Fragnet using McMyAdmin. I am considering restoring a daily backup due to some mistakes made in the game today (play issues, not technical issues - I triggered a raid and lost a village). Before I restore the backup file from this morning using the McMyAdmin GUI, I want to download the current backup (post-raid) and the backup I want to restore, in case anything goes wrong. Unfortunately, I cannot find any files within the file directory that seem to be my backups when looking over FTP or via the McMyAdmin File Manager

Steps to reproduce:

Step 1: Log into McMyAdmin Step 2: Go to File Manager Step 3: Look for backups with the names of the daily backup files or the manual backup file shown in the Backups tab. None are found in the root directory or in the BACKUPS folder

Actions taken to resolve so far: Look via alternate means (FTP via FileZilla 3)

Mike posted this 26 May 2020

You'll need to ask your host, chances are they've relocated them somewhere else.