Unable to install spigot plugins

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spikyle posted this 14 September 2017

I seem to be unable to install any spigot plugins. Get the following error in the logs:

[21:47:30] [ModuleShared:admin Debug] : Failed Download: http://api.spiget.org/v2/resources/274/download

Navigating to that url directly does throw a 404. Anyone have any advice? Haven't been able to find any posts describing similar issues which is surprising to me as this seems like something that would be regularly attempted. The above mod is dynmap which appears to still be active.

Thanks in advance.

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Mike posted this 14 September 2017

It fails for me, if I go there I get:

{ "error": "file not found" }

Spiget seems to often be missing files for some reason.

spikyle posted this 14 September 2017


Thanks for the amazingly fast responses. This makes sense. Appreciatecha.

Sethur posted this 24 September 2017

Can we download plugins somehow differently?


Mike posted this 24 September 2017

You can download them manually and upload them by dragging+dropping into the file manager.

crazedtaco posted this 12 October 2017

When I come to remove a plugin from Minecraft amp it says instantly it uninstalled but when I restart my Minecraft server the plugin is there this means removing every single plugin which I installed using amp as there is no nameing system on the backend(file manager)

TesoMayn posted this 10 November 2017

I also can not install plugins, I tried to install Factions and I got this:

[Minecraft:TesoMayn Error] : Failed to install plugin 1900 - Could not find a part of the path "/home/mc/.ampdata/instances/MCMA/Minecraft/plugins/Factions-2.13.2/"