Understanding Java.CustomOpts usage.

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Ben3721 posted this 08 February 2019

So I am trying to start my server with all the ram is allocated from the start for slight better performance. In my case I have a dedicated amount ram for the server that is untouched by other applications on the computer.

Do i just place -Xms5G -Xmx5G after Java.CustomOpts= or do i need to do a full path to everything? Thanks, sorry for being naive with this stuff. This is with MCMA 2 btw

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Mike posted this 08 February 2019

You should use Java.Memory as the setting to change the Xmx value. You don't need customopts for that.

Ben3721 posted this 08 February 2019

I'm trying to change the Xms value as well, I've been told that having excess minimum memory prevent's extra constant garbage collection for a more constant tps.

Mike posted this 08 February 2019

If you're only running at 5 gig or so then it shouldn't cause you an issue, but you can just put -Xms5G in Java.CustomOpts